The Bride
David oakes the bride lydia by david oakes

The Bride

David oakes the bride wip by david oakes

The Bride - process

The Bride

This was 1 of my first portraits done when I upgraded from a graphic tablet to a monitor tablet. Most of my other early portraits done, not shown here, were on an old Ipad with a early version of Procreate.

The bride is a much loved friend of the family and the original idea for this piece was that the bride would be drawn inside the head silhouette of her husband, and he in her silhouette, facing each other. At the time I soon discovered I lacked the skill to pull it off and ended up messing his head up a bit, hence why it is not shown here, and the final piece ended up as two pieces without the silhouettes.

Not sure if I will add this to my To Do/Redo projects or not as the feedback for this piece was very positive.

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