Calilian - Templar ESO
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David oakes wip templar david oakes 2019

Calilian - Process

Calilian - Templar ESO

This is a commission to draw a High Elf Templar from the game 'Elder Scrolls Online'. Calilian is meant to be a healer - though he looks more like he'd 'beat you better' with his staff of healing.

This piece was trickier than expected due to the complex nature of his chosen armour. The way the pauldrons sat on his shoulders, for example, would have brought the tip of the pauldron in line with his eyes - yes, it was that high by default.

If I had kept to that, we would not have seen his 'friendly' face.

I went for a grittier overall vibe for the image. Though the background was added down the line, I tried to do too much on it and had to stop myself from potentially ruining it.

Good number of lessons learnt during the production of this piece.

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