Alexandra Rotan - KEIINO fan art/study

Alexandra Rotan is one of the three members of Norwegian band KEiiNO. They became well-known after Eurovision 2019, and while they didn't win the contest, they won the public televotes and came in sixth place overall with their hit 'Spirit In The Sky'. Alexandra was famous long before then, having toured extensively as star-DJ Alan Walker's live singer, and having released songs and duets before KEiiNO. Less known is the fact that Alexandra composed and performed the official song for Women’s European Handball Championships 2020.

This was done using as reference a photograph posted by Alexandra on her own Instagram account, in August 2020. The small resolution of the image made some details tricky to see, but after some frustrating attempts to get her lips right, I finally got to a a point where I was happy with the result, although no drawing will ever do justice to this beautiful, soulful yet foxy lady.